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Designing Your Future - Future proofing your career path.


Heidi Ambrose Brown, Design and Technology Association

Heidi will be talking about future proofing your career path. What are disruptive technologies? Why is Design and Technology as a subject in school so important? Developing a skill set to work alongside robotics and AI rather than be replaced by them.

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What is it like to be a Cyborg? – The Keynote lecture


Prof. Kevin Warwick, Coventry University

In the 1990's Prof. Warwick was investigating the interaction between man and technology. His achievements using implanted RFID tags, used as pet IDs, and more, have been ground breaking. Kevin's story will amaze and excite young and old.

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A History of Robots


Marcelle Batson-Warner – Lear Corporation

When were robots first thought about? What is necessary to make a robot work, through yesteryear’s examples and to today’s applications.

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Engineers are Curious


Graham Prebble, IET

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The redefinition of the SI Units - We all know how to measure things.

Why the change?


John Turland – National Physical Laboratory

We all know how to measure things, Kilograms, Metres, Amperes, etc. because all have been defined by scientists. They are known as the SI Units, "Système International" Units, and agreed by all nations. However, some problems have been found leading to their redefinition, becoming effective this year.

John Turland will explain how the International System of Units works and why scientists are planning subtle but profound changes in the definitions of four of these units.

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The Future of Making Things


Katherine Nowill - Kuka (Robots)

Some ideas on how we will be manufacturing new products

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Robots for "Reel"


Emma Rushforth- University of Warwick

A presentation comparing robots in sci-fi films with those used today and how we might use them in the future. A few scary film clips (so not for younger children).


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Performances in Millennium Place

10am, 12 noon, 2pm, 3:30pm

Lady Godiva, Unban Astronaught,,

Meet the makers and performers,


Hummingbird close up

Robot Dance

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